Priority RV Network Insurance Program

Consider the risk before insuring your RV to your auto policy. Only affordable Specialized RV Insurance offers you the proper insurance protection on Your RV investment.

We offer the lowest rates and best coverages in the RV industry. Don’t be under-insured. Our specialized insurance protects you and your RV—24/7. Our agency provides superior value and the nationwide service you would expect from Priority RV. Ask your dealer for your FREE no obligation quote now. Superior RV insurance value for you!

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Your RV is more than a car and your affordable Specialized RV insurance should cover more than a typical auto policy, or even a homeowner’s policy. Adding the RV to your auto policy is risky business and exposing yourself to serious financial risk in case of an accident. Affordable Specialized RV Insurance is comparable from a cost perspective to a policy that you would get through typical auto insurance.

Money-Saving Discounts

On top of Priority RV Insurance’s great rates,
we offer a number of money-saving discounts:

  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Original Owner Discount
  • Paid-in-Full Discount
  • Responsible Driver Discount

Priority RV Insurance Experts

At your service

Our expert claims representatives receive intensive training on RVs of all types. You can be confident that your claim will be handled right and the right away! They’re here for you when you need them with customer service and claims Support 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

For a FREE QUOTE Contact the Priority RV Dealer nearest you.Millions of RVers may be underinsured and don’t even know it. Consider the risk before attaching your RV to your auto policy. A claim could cost you..THOUSANDS OF $$$!!!
Our quotes are affordable and may be about the same cost as an automobile endorsement,
but with specialized RV Policies.


Plus, we offer various payment options. Pay in one lump sum, or in convenient installments.

For a FREE QUOTE Contact the Priority RV Dealer nearest you.